Beyond writing and publishing

Beyond writing and publishing


As a novice in the post-publication space, and with a very modest social media profile it is fascinating to look at outcomes several weeks after Past Imperfect appeared on Smashwords. In taking small steps in line with the marketing advice I have chosen to follow (ProWriter course How to find readers and market your novel, devised by Joanna Penn and C J Lyons, I believe I can make it work with time and effort and by taking on more of the recommended steps. The trick will be to balance time for continuing writing and editing.

What I noticed

When Past Imperfect was published on Smashwords (price free) there were immediate downloads that quickly reached over 100. Not a lot and possibly thirty or so were by family and friends I’d emailed. Then a small plateau for a day or so followed by a small increase each day with minor surges corresponding with a Facebook or twitter post from myself or a friend. Then another surge when Smashwords started shipping to distributors. The Smashwords FAQ information warns that some authors don’t sell a single book so I am curious to see what will happen now that I have put a price on Past Imperfect. It is early days and a couple of sales.

Next steps

Over the next few weeks I’m planning the following:

First – follow the ProWriter course advice to automate twitter messages for different time zones. More learning ahead.

Second – use a book trailer. A friend (Sarah) is right now working on that. I am devoid of ideas and lack the skills. She designed a wonderful trailer for the Nene Davies book Distance to be e-published next month by Really Blue Books so I’m looking forward to see what she comes up with.

Third – focus on editing the second story, Present Tense, in the Long Shadows Series, which I hope to publish around September this year.

Second in the series
Second in the series

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