Edge of Shadows_CJ Lyons

Book review


The Shadow Ops Finale

by CJ Lyons and Cynthia Cooke

Legacy Books

ISBN: 978-1-939038-10-4

I follow blogs of CJ Lyons and have watched some of her excellent training videos about writing and publishing. Although thrillers are not a preferred genre, my curiosity about her ‘thrillers with heart’ tag led me to read Edge of Shadows when there was a free copy offer for review on Amazon.

The story meets all the criteria for a thriller – fast-paced, a lot of action, twists and turns, big stakes – and almost reads like a story board for a movie or TV production. Being the third novel of a trilogy (and not having read the two before) may explain my failure to suss out the team relationships quickly or to fully engage with the characters or the love story. And there was a lot of violence.

Edge of Shadows is well written and will surely appeal to those who appreciate thrillers. Although my preferences still remain elsewhere I will try to read one of CJ’s medical suspense novels from the Hart and Drake series, and hope for more satisfaction.

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